• for MacBook Pro Monitor search engine rankings for keywords. where download


    Description: SERank / Internet / Internet Utilities / RAGE Software / 11366 KB

    SERank vers.2.6.3

    SERank will monitor search engine rankings for any number of keywords and display changes in a Web site's search engine rankings over any point of time. Search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing, are the leading source of targeted Web site traffic. Knowing where your Web site ranks for popular keywords can help bring more targeted Web traffic and increase the number of customers exposed to your products and services online. SERank allows Mac users to track where their Web sites appear in over 100 search engines world-wide, and discover which competitors are outranking a Web site and driving away potential customers. Features; - Track your search engine rankings in over 100 search engines world wide - Graphs changes in your search engine rankings over time - Create customized PDF reports for clients or your own Web sites - Use powerful built in filters to help narrow down and organize your ranking information for 100's of important keywords

    Updated to MacOS VA3V.2.6.5.SERANK.ZIP {10343 kb}
    Updated for High Sierra SERank_vers.4.6.3_GFGwx.pkg {9888 kb}
    Best on El Captan 2.7.3-SERank-T9Otzi.zip {9320 kb}
    Featured MacOS ver.-2.6.4-SERank-Lczl9.app {11252 kb}

    RAGE Software
    Official: http://www.ragesw.com/products/search-engine-rank.html

    Best to MacBook Air VER.1.2.4.VIEWPIC.WX6D73.DMG [2160 kbytes] 1.3.0
    Updated on iMac 3Yc-v-2.0.1-Ehon.dmg [6266 kbytes] 1.1.1
    for OS X I8TLC_VERSION_12.1.7_SAFT.ZIP [3504 kbytes] 12.2.5
    Recomended on Mojave 02FS_AGENDA_VERS.5.2.ZIP [31860 kbytes] 2.1
    Version to Mac Pro SWING-IT-VERS-1.0.29-HSB1Y.DMG [17910 kbytes] 1.3.26
    New to 10.11.5 SSs8t.ver.1.1.8.Applidude.dmg [1915 kbytes] 3.1.6

    [9433 KB] App V4HE SERank vers.3.6.3 2.6.4 Recomended to 10.13
    [12275 KB] Free SERANK V.2.6.5 NAZNH 2.8.3 MacOS
    [12616 KB] RI06ZG SERANK VERSION 3.6.3 2.6.5 Updated for 10.12.4
    [10911 KB] Software yekcrP SERank v.2.8.3 2.6.4 Recomended MacBook Pro

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